Clash Royale Legendary Odds for Draft Chests

Everyone in this game wants a legendary card, but here are the real odds to get a legendary out of all draft chests in Clash Royale! Today, I ll be explain what the chances are that you get a legendary out of a challenger, master, and champion chest! Watch this video on legendary chances first, it explains legendary odds very well!

So that was a great video by Orange Juice detailing all draft chest legendary odds. I’ll try to sum it all up for you.

Clash Royale Legendary Odds out of Draft Chests

So clearly, the higher draft chest you have, the better odds you have of pulling a legendary card out of the chest. In some of the champion league chests, you actually have odds of pulling TWO legendaries. Let’s start from Challenger I and work our way up for each of the legendary chances!

Challenger I- 29.2% chance of a legendary

Challenger II- 44% chance

Challenger III- 58% chance

Master I- 73% chance

Master II- 87% chance

Master III- 100% chance of one legendary, 2% chance of two legendaries

Champion- 100% chance of one, 16% chance of two

Grand Champion- 100% chance of one, 31% chance of two

Ultimate Champion- 100% chance of one, 45% chance of two

So based on these odds, the champion chests have the highest percentage of getting a legendary of any chest in the game, even a legendary chest! No one yet has made these champion leagues, but the rewards are massive and chances you will pull a legendary are CERTAIN! Even in the first challenger league, you still hold an almost 30% chance of pulling a legendary card.

Clash Royale Leagues Draft Chests Legendary Odds

That’s going to be all for the legendary odds of these new draft chests! I hope that you guys learned how good draft chests actually in within Clash Royale. Thanks for reading and comment down below what league you are in (if you are in one).

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  3. I’m not in any league, still just a level 8 noob who quit his first account and made a second one to just have more fun and knowledge now stuck in Arena 8 being a weirdo who goes around, facing level 10s:(((


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