Team Battles LEAKED for Clash Royale Update!

Clash Royale has leaked the new team battle within the March 2017 update! Remember that leaked button? Today, by multiple YouTubers and the Clash Royale twitter, it was basically confirmed that team battle will be this new mode for clans. In today’s article we will be going over what team battle is and how it was leaked.

Clash Royale Team Battle March 2017 Update

Team Battle Leaked

So first, it was discovered that one of the Supercell forum moderators posted “Correctemundo” with a link on the “e”. When you clicked the “e”, it brought you to this image:

Clash Royale New Team Battle March 2017 Update

So that led to speculation about what the top letter was, because the bottom letter was obviously an “e”. It quite obvious that the top letter was slanted, so it had to be a “M” most likely. I originally said that I thought it would be custom battle, but the custom wording wouldn’t fit.

So today, someone clicked on one of the links within the Clash Royale app news screen, taking him to this image:

Clash Royale New Team Battle March 2017 Update

Now this is 100% a T, which, with the other half being a probably M, could only spell 1 thing: TEAM!

What is Team Battle?

So now that we know there is a 99% chance that the words spell “team battle”, what is a team battle? No one knows for sure yet, but there are a few good ideas circulating!

Team Battle March 2017 Update Clash Royale

  1. Clash Royale Clan Wars? So in their developer Q&A, Clash Royale stated that they had something coming that would be the equivalent of Clash of Clans’ clan wars. This is most likely that feature, so could we see clan vs clan coming soon?
  2. Clan Chest Replacement? Lots of players are getting frustrated about having the clan chest every week. Maybe team battles and clan chests will cycle back a forth on a week, off a week?
  3. New Friendly Battle Mode? Could this be another friendly battle mode where you can play 2v2 versus your clan mates? Or is this a completely new battle?

That’s all I’ve got so far on the team battle button, but new stuff is circulating every hour as we approach the Clash Royale 1 year anniversary! Make sure to stay tuned on the website to see what new rumors and sneak peeks come out. Comment down below what you think of the Team Battle. Lastly, thanks a ton for reading and I will see you soon with more Clash Royale content!

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5 thoughts on “Team Battles LEAKED for Clash Royale Update!

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  2. I hope to God it’s not clan wars, that would be quite boring except for if it gave you big rewards like the week long original clan chest. I hope they make the clan chest on the weekends, otherwise I can’t play much on schooldays, unlike echlipse who probably doesn’t do his homework for high school.

    Liked by 1 person

      • Seems like they realized that a lot of their player base do not play much on week days. Weekends is actually better than the original full week, in my opinion.


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