How to Win the Mega Knight 2v2 Draft Challenge

A brand new mega knight challenge is here, but instead of the classic “win the mega knight” challenge, we instead are seeing a 2V2, DRAFT, DOUBLE ELIXIR mega knight challenge! I’m going to walk you through how to win the newest challenge in Clash Royale.

Mega Knight 2v2 Draft Challenge Clash Royale

Mega Knight 2v2 Draft Challenge Overview

The mega knight challenge is the first EVER challenge in Clash Royale featuring three unique gamemodes: draft, 2v2, and double elixir! All of this adds up to make this for an extremely wild challenge, but certainly a fun one if you need to take a break from the ladder. This is going to also stray from the norm and be a 9 win challenge instead of the typical 12 win ones.

Mega Knight 2v2 Draft Challenge Clash Royale

So as with all specific card draft challenges, the mega knight will appear in every single battle you play. Since it is 2v2, you should expect to see 2 mega knights for each attack. They may be both on your team, both on the other team, or split with 1 on each side depending on what cards you draft. The big question, as with every new challenge, is what are the rewards for winning the 2v2 mega knight challenge?

Mega Knight 2v2 Draft Challenge Clash Royale

With special events, you can almost always count on having one time rewards as well as having a challenge chest once you hit 9 wins or 3 losses. In this mega knight draft challenge, here are the one time rewards you can receive:

  • 3 wins: 30 common cards
  • 5 wins: 10 rare cards
  • 7 wins: 2 epic cards
  • 9 wins: 1 legendary chest

So basically, the more games you win, the more rare the cards you receive are. Remember, the mega knight is now live in Clash Royale, so you can unlock him out of the legendary chest! While this is the final reward you get, it is MUCH easier to get 9 wins than 12 wins, so average players actually do have a chance to finish the challenge. But, in order to reach 9 wins, you are going to need some tips in order to win!

Mega Knight 2v2 Draft Challenge Tips

These are some very basic and advanced tips that you should follow if you want to completely win the mega knight 2v2 draft double elixir challenge! Reaching 9 wins is still pretty tough so I’m going to try and help you guys out as much as I can!

  • ALWAYS take the mega knight! The mega knight has huge win percentages right now in Clash Royale, showing that he is a crazy powerful card. If you get the option, go ahead and draft him to your team!
  • Draft counters to the mega knight. Since you know you’ll be playing against the mega knight basically every battle, choose cards like the inferno tower and mini-PEKKA that are great on defense against the mega knight.
  • Focus on defense before offense. In a special challenge with so much offense, you are better off playing defense first and then going for the huge counter push after shutting down your opponents.
  • Play this challenge in one sitting. Although it might take upwards of an hour, try to play the whole challenge at once. By doing so you will get “hot” and be quicker at adapting to counters due to constant play.
  • DON’T panic if you lose a tower. In 2v2, not to mention double elixir, it is very easy to come back from a tower down. Especially with the mega knight, most games will be decided by 2-3 crown wins.

So that’s all I have for you guys today with the guide to the mega knight 2v2 draft challenge! This one is going to be a ton of fun, especially for the majority of us who haven’t unlocked the mega knight yet. Thanks for reading and best of luck in this new Clash Royale challenge!

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