Clash Royale October 2017 Update LEAKED!

The Clash Royale October 2017 update that has been already revealed to have quests and a new gamemode has been completely leaked through game files! This update leak tells us exactly what is coming in the October 2017 update for Clash Royale!

Quests New Gamemode Clash Royale October 2017 Update

October 2017 Update Leaked

So as I mentioned above, all of this data for the leak was taken out of the game code for Clash Royale. Therefore, it isn’t entirely clear what everything in this update is; rather we have game code that tells the basics of what is coming. However, here is what we can figure out from the game code, along with the help already given by the developers in the Q&A.


  • Developers can create and enable a quest without having to update the game

This shows that we should be having quests in Clash Royale quite often since no update will have to come for there to be new quests.

  • Known quest parameters: type, title, description, minimum level

Because of the minimum level, we know that quests are going to be sort of like tournaments with a “level 8” minimum so that those advanced in the game are the only ones to play.

  • At a single time, you can have a maximum of 3 quests

This basically guarantees that we will be seeing tons of quests roll through Clash Royale after the October update; hopefully many different quests a day.

  • Rewards are awarded for a certain number of points. You can get gold, but other rewards are unknown

So if you are able to complete a quest, you will be receiving gold as your primary reward. This is great and probably implemented by the developer team because of the many complaints about gold shortage. Hopefully, for some special quests, there will be chest and gem rewards instead of gold.

  • Quests found: Win 3 rating battles, win 3 battles in a trial, win 3 friendly fights, collect _ chests, defeat _ enemies using the deck

Remember, this was all taken from the game code so it can be a little hard to understand. However, this gives an overview that we will be seeing many different types of quests, ranging from winning with a certain deck to collecting a certain amount of chests.

  • The quest can be ruined. For its implementation can be given a certain number of attempts

What I’m guessing this means is that you can lose a quest. This probably happens when you don’t complete it fully or it is a limited quest where you only have so many chances.

New Gamemodes

  • New gamemodes created for quests, but then became own gamemode

What this is saying is that the new gamemodes we will be getting in the October update were originally intended just for quests, but evolved into their own separate gamemodes.

  • Gamemode is for both 1v1 and 2v2

This is awesome! 1v1 will be fun for hard play while you can relax a bit when playing this new mode in 2v2.

  • In these modes you start the fight with 10 elixir. Duration of overtime is 1 minute. In these battles, you must withstand several attacks of the enemy (waves)

So apparently, this new gamemode will have waves of troops coming your way and you’ll have to defend and try to counterpush. For example, the CPU could send 10 balloons at you and you’d have to try and counter to win.

October Update Video

That is all of the leaked information that we have right now, but hopefully there will be more surfacing later on as we draw closer to October and the October update! I am VERY excited for quests and this mysterious new gamemode and I hope that you guys are too. Thanks for reading and comment below what you think of this leaked October update for Clash Royale!

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