Best Decks to Win the Mega Knight Challenge

The mega knight is here in Clash Royale, looking super OP, and with the release of the mega knight comes the mega knight challenge! You need to be able to get 12 wins to unlock the mega knight, so we have the 4 best decks to WIN the mega knight challenge!

Mega Knight Gameplay and Intro

Best Mega Knight Challenge Decks

So now that you guys know what the mega knight looks like, how powerful and OP the mega knight is, and some strategy behind the mega knight, let’s go ahead and jump into the best decks for this mega knight challenge!

Mega Knight Ice Wizard Deck:

Mega Knight Ice Wizard Deck Clash Royale

The first deck that we have here is basically an overview of the meta in Clash Royale right now. The main counter to the mega knight in this deck is the inferno dragon, gunning down the mega knight quickly once it gains momentum. We also have the ice wizard and knight as two tanky support units. The guards are going to be great against the mega knight as a very cheap counter, since their shield will protect them from death against the mega knight’s splash damage.

Mega Knight Executioner Deck:

Mega Knight Executioner Deck Clash Royale

The inferno dragon, once again, is going to be the primary counter against the mega knight in this deck. You also will have the knight again, acting a very strong cheap counter to the mega knight. The executioner is critical here, as he will be able to damage the mega knight as well as take down any units behind him. Also in this deck is the lightning spell, which will be able to take out any support units like the wizard or e-wiz that are played to support the mega knight.

Mega Knight PEKKA Deck:

Mega Knight PEKKA Deck Clash Royale

Out of all the cards in Clash Royale, the best counter to the mega knight is the PEKKA. The PEKKA is a hard counter to the mega knight, making it ideal to bring in this challenge. Another card that works great against the mega knight in Clash Royale is the electro-wizard, which can be used to slow the mega knight, while damaging. A lot of people don’t talk about the minion horde as a counter to the MK, but honestly, the minion horde deals so much damage that they will be able to fight through the mega knight.

Mega Knight Hog Rider Deck:

Mega Knight Hog Rider Deck Clash Royale

One of the cards that the mega knight is worst at countering is the hog rider, due to its fast speed and decent health. Rocking a hog rider-bandit deck will keep your opponent from using the mega knight too much on defense. You also have bats, which will help provide cheap damage to the mega knight, as well as the electro-wizard. If you are short on elixir, the ice golem can provide you will some time to get the right card to counter the mega knight because of his high health and slowing ability.

With those 4 decks, you guys should all be able to make your way through the mega knight challenge with ease, hopefully being able to reach 12 wins and unlock the mega knight for yourself! I think that the mega knight is crazily OP and will almost definitely be receiving a nerf within a month of release. That’s going to do it for the article; thanks for reading and comment below what your thoughts on the mega knight are!

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12 thoughts on “Best Decks to Win the Mega Knight Challenge

  1. lol i have a WAY better deck for mega knight;
    mega knight, graveyard, inferno dragon, miner, bats, tombstone, ice wizard, and arrows
    the basic strategy of this deck is to deploy the mega knight to cause great panic about it, send in miner for chip, ice wizard and arrows = bats for defence, and then lastly graveyard for a three crown. If your opponent uses a tanky troup, put inferno dragon and then mega knight t for the inferno to kill the tank while the mega knight tanks / kills the backups
    (trust me, this deck works as good af!!)


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  4. GUARDS? I would rather use Night Witch as she deals great damage and when she dies, her bats can heavily damage the Mega Knight


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