New Magic Archer Card LEAKED in Clash Royale

A new card has been leaked in Clash Royale, coming within either February or March in a small troop update. This new troop could be the marksman, bow wizard, or magical archer! Here’s how the new card got leaked and when we should be seeing it!

New Card Leaked Clash Royale

Clash Royale Magic Archer Card LEAKED

Despite just saying yesterday that the new big update will be in April, Clash Royale decided to release a new card that should be coming within the next month in February or March. Here’s the sneak peek that Clash Royale sent out, giving us the bottom part of the new troop’s body!

We don’t know the name of this troop or even what this new card will do exactly, but it is definitely exciting that we will be seeing a new card in Clash Royale! Based on the arrow floating above his hands, we can assume that he will be similar to an archer. However, because he is floating, he obviously has magical powers which means that he might have powers like a wizard. We should be getting more information soon about Clash Royale’s newest card.

I’m extremely hyped about this new card and can’t wait to see his stats and gameplay. It’s a good way to add hope to the game after saying there won’t be an update until April. Thanks for reading and comment below what you think this new card’s abilities will be!

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