Meteorites/Triple Fireballs Card LEAKED in Clash Royale

A new card has been leaked in Clash Royale for the April 2018 update! This new card is a new legendary card that could be either meteorites or triple fireballs. Here’s everything we know about the new leaked legendary card in Clash Royale.

New Legendary Card Leaked Triple Fireballs Meteorites Clash Royale

New Legendary Card LEAKED

So in the Clash Royale video celebrating the Lunar New Year, Clash Royale, it seems, deliberately leaked this new card, as they clearly show it during the video. Here’s the screen shot of the picture in which you can clearly see the triple fireballs/meteorites.

New Legendary Card Leaked Triple Fireballs Meteorites Clash Royale

Check out the third card in line here. It is clearly a legendary card based on its card shape, so that lets us know the rarity of this new card. If you look closely at the card, you will notice the main fireball, with two other ones off to the side. The reason why this seems to be a new card is because the card on the left (graveyard) and the card on the right (arrows) are already implement into Clash Royale. I can’t really make out what the second card in line is. But based on these facts, this seems to be next card updated in Clash Royale!

Unfortunately, this is another legendary card, but it still awesome to know about new cards early in Clash Royale. With the magic archer coming out in 17 days, we now know the next card that will be following up the magic archer. Thanks for reading and comment below what you think of the meteorites/triple fireball!

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