Best Decks to Win the Lunar New Year Challenge

The Lunar New Year Challenge is here in Clash Royale, giving you three stages (Stage 1, Stage 2, and Stage 3) to complete before winning the grand prize of a legendary chest. In the Lunar New Year Challenge, you can bring any deck you want, so here are the most meta decks in Clash Royale to help you win this Lunar New Year Challenge!

Lunar New Year Challenge Clash Royale

Best Decks for Lunar New Year Challenge

It is very important to remember that the balance changes went live this morning, so you will be playing with the balance cards in this challenge. I would shy away from mega knight and skeleton barrel, while any deck with bandit or dark prince would be fun to try out. Here are decks that were mostly unaffected by the meta, so they work amazing, regardless of the changes!

Golem Lumberjack Deck

Lunar New Year Challenge Clash Royale Golem Lumberjack Deck

With the balance changes on 1/24, we know that the golem/lumberjack combo is insanely strong. Since none of this deck was touched by the newest balance changes, we know that it definitely can’t be worse off. In a few weeks, it is extremely likely that this will be the most meta deck in Clash Royale, so it is good to start using it now, while it still hasn’t caught on. You need to build up a huge golem beatdown push, backed by either the night witch, mega minion, or baby dragon and watch the towers fall!

Zap/Log Bait Deck

Lunar New Year Challenge Clash Royale Golem Log Zap Bait Deck

Forever and always, even with the nerf of the knight, zap/log bait decks will reign supreme in challenges. Since zap can’t be overleveled, goblins are able to survive in challenges, which is great news for these decks. The knight can still be a great tank card in this challenge despite the small HP nerf and the rocket can always end the game for you if the tower is low on health. Just stay focused on a bit of chip damage and the tower will slowly go down.

Mortar Deck

Lunar New Year Challenge Clash Royale Golem Mortar Deck

Lastly, we have a bit of a new sort of deck for this website, a mortar cycle deck. The mortar has really been on the rise over the last couple of weeks, mostly led by this deck right here. Once again, the knight should prove alright for this challenge, in spite of his nerf. I issue a fair warning though: if you haven’t played a siege deck before, this challenge is not the place to start. Practice mortar timing and placement on the ladder or in a classic challenge before playing this deck in the Lunar New Year Challenge.

With those three decks currently at the top of the meta, you should be able to reach 9 wins in the Lunar New Year Challenge for Clash Royale! This is an awesome challenge and shouldn’t be squandered. Thanks for reading and comment how many wins you were able to reach in this new Clash Royale challenge!

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