ALL Updates in Clash Royale September 2018 Update

So the Clash Royale September 2018 update is coming out live tomorrow, and there are a whole bunch of new features coming to Clash Royale, including trade tokens, the goblin giant, new card levels, and many new updates. Here are ALL of the updates coming in the Clash Royale September 2018 update!

Trade Tokens (Card Trading)

The biggest part of the new Clash Royale September update is definitely trade tokens, which means card trading in Clash Royale. Using trade tokens, you can trade your cards with other players in your clan, allowing you to max out your cards easier and faster.

Learn more about trade tokens here:

Goblin Giant New Card

The newest card in Clash Royale is going to be the goblin giant, which is a 6 elixir epic card that is unlocked in Jungle Arena. The goblin giant is a new tank card that has 2 spear goblins in his back that drop when the goblin giant dies.

Goblin Giant Gameplay Clash Royale

Learn more about the goblin giant here:

New Card Level System

All of the cards (except common cards) are receiving new levels, having rare, epic, and legendary cards max out at level 13. The new tournament standard for all of these cards will be at level 9. Rare cards will unlock at level 3, epic cards at level 6, and legendary cards at level 9.

Learn more about the new card level system:

Other New Updates

We’ve talked about the three big updates in the September 2018 update in other articles, but there are smaller features that are coming that we need to discuss as well. Here are some smaller features of the September update that are great changes to Clash Royale!

  • 2v2 improvements to allow you to see your partner’s elixir
  • King tower’s health will no longer be obscured
  • In spectator mode, you’ll be able to see who played what card
  • All of your gold earned goes into a “gold sack” at the end of each clan war
  • Use emotes in clan chat

All of these are necessary changes to the game, and I really like the the ability to use emotes in clan chat now. The September update really has a ton of a phenomenal features in it and I cannot wait for it to go live. Thanks for reading and comment below what part of the update you are most looking forward to!

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