Goblin Giant Gameplay for Clash Royale September Update

Though we already know that the goblin giant is coming to Clash Royale in the September update, now we have gameplay from the goblin giant and a whole bunch of more facts about the GG, including speed, arena unlocked in, and elixir cost. Here’s the gameplay and some statistics from the goblin giant, the newest card in Clash Royale!

Goblin Giant Gameplay Clash Royale September Update

Goblin Giant Gameplay

We already know a whole lot about the goblin giant, which you can read in the following article:

Goblin Giant CONFIRMED as New Clash Royale Card

Some of the things we already knew about the goblin giant was that it was going to be the newest Clash Royale card, coming in the September update, as well as that it was a big tank card with two spear goblins that helped it attack. The goblin giant would then drop those two spear goblins after it died.

We also knew that the goblin giant would be the newest epic card in Clash Royale, costing 6 elixir as a decent sized tank card. Let’s talk about all of the new facts we know about the goblin giant, as well as look at some gameplay.

Here are some key statistics about the goblin giant that make up what it is as a card.

  • Movement speed: medium
  • Unlocked in Jungle Arena
  • Targets buildings, but spear goblins attack anything

The movement speed of medium is a big deal, allowing him to move decently fast for a tank unit. Most players thought that the goblin giant would be unlocked in Jungle Arena, but it is good to have it confirmed now. Also as predicted, the goblin giant will target buildings, but the spear goblins will provide some great defense, shutting down a bunch of counter troops.

We know the statistics, but now let’s take a look at some pictures that show goblin giant gameplay and how he attacks.

Goblin Giant Gameplay Clash Royale September Update

Here’s the relative size of the goblin giant, which actually appears pretty small compared to tanks like the giant or golem. You can also clearly see the two spear goblins sheltered in a bag in the back of the goblin giant.

After the goblin giant dies, here’s the animation that spawns the two spear goblins in his back. A puff of elixir goes up, which the two spear goblins are born from! Combined with the miner, this could actually be a pretty deadly combo.

That’s all the information and gameplay we have on the goblin giant right now! When the update goes live (September 3rd is the release date), we should be able to provide more statistics. Thanks for reading and comment below what your impressions are of the goblin giant and where he will fit into the meta!

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