Clash Royale September 2018 Update Release Notes

The Clash Royale September 2018 update is here, bringing with it trade tokens, the goblin giant, and a brand new leveling system! This Clash Royale update is awesome, but to know everything that’s inside, here are the full update release notes for the September 2018 update in Clash Royale!

September 2018 Update Clash Royale

September 2018 Update Release Notes



  • Use Trade Tokens to swap cards with your Clanmates – even Legendary Cards!
  • Trade Tokens can be found in War Bounties, Challenges and the Shop


  • Earn a new reward after every war… the War Bounty!
  • War Bounties contain lots of gold, and sometimes a Trade Token!
  • Thanks to War Bounties, you can earn significantly more gold from Clan Wars now
  • Collection Day and War Day battles will count towards your Crown Chest
  • Play Collection Day 2v2 battles with your Clanmates even if you’ve already completed all your battles
  • Collection Day game modes have been switched up


  • Dreeeeew!
  • We’ve simplified card levels – tap here to see what this means
  • Added sorting “by level” to the card collection
  • Now you can use your Emotes in Clan Chat
  • Clans can set their required Trophies up to 6400
  • Your 2v2 teammate’s cards and Elixir are shown next to their name by default
  • Added a 10 Gem, zero prize Tournament


  • We’ve rebalanced several cards – find out what’s changed!
  • Bandit is now immune to damage when dashing, instead of untargetable, so towers will stay locked on to her after a dash

And that’s everything for the September 2018 update to Clash Royale. I think that Clash Royale absolutely nailed this update and cannot wait to see what comes in the future months. Thanks for reading and comment below what your favorite feature of the September 2018 update was!

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