TRADE TOKENS: How to Trade Cards in Clash Royale

The ability to TRADE CARDS will be coming in the Clash Royale September 2018 update in the form of trade tokens! You will be able to trade legendary, epic, rare, and common cards, all through these new trade tokens coming in the next update. Here’s how you will be able to trade cards in Clash Royale, completely explained!

Trade Tokens and Card Trading Explained

First of all, let’s talk about trade tokens: what they are and how you can get them. There are common, rare, epic, and legendary trade tokens, which, when used, will allow you to trade cards of that respective rarity. Here are how many of each card you can trade using each trade token:

  • Common Token: 250 common cards
  • Rare Token: 50 rare cards
  • Epic Token: 10 epic cards
  • Legendary Token: 1 legendary card

Trade Tokens Card Trading Clash Royale

You can get trade tokens from challenges; grand, classic, and special events, clan wars, and the daily item shop. It is unclear right now how much these trade tokens will cost or how rare it will be to get one.

When you want to use a trade token to trade some cards, you will click the request cards button, which will give you the option to request cards or trade cards.

From the trade tab, you can decide what rarity of card you want to trade, but you need a trade token to do it. Click on the card that you want and it will prompt you to select a card that you want to trade in return for the card you requested. Of course, it has to be the same rarity as the card you are requesting.

After this, your request will be sent into clan chat, were it will sit for infinite time until a player accepts your trade or you decide to cancel your trade request.

Trade Tokens Trading Cards Clash Royale

Using this example, once a player decides to accept your request, you will lose your electro-wizard but gain the magic archer in return. You will get a notification indicating that the trade was completed.

Trade Tokens Trading Cards Clash Royale

If you decide to get cold feet and not want to trade your card or waste a trade token, you can cancel trades and get the trade token plus the card you were offering up back immediately.

That’s basically it that we have for trading cards in Clash Royale. I think that the trade tokens idea was a great addition to Clash Royale and cannot wait for this to come in the September 2018 update! Thanks for reading and comment below what you think about trade tokens and card trading in Clash Royale!

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