Trade Tokens Drop Rates/Odds for War Bounties in Clash Royale

Trade tokens are a game-changing addition to Clash Royale added in the September 2018. You can find trade tokens in war bounties, special challenges, and the shop. The main place you will get common, rare, epic, and legendary trade tokens are war bounties though, the new reward that comes after every clan war. Here are the drop rates/odds of getting each rarity of trade token from a war bounty!

Trade Tokens Drop Rates Odds Clash Royale

Trade Token Drop Rates

First off, there are two different drop rates that we have to clarify. First, you need to be able to pull a trade token from a war bounty before you can worry about the rarity. The odds of getting a trade token, of all rarities, from a war bounty, regardless of league, is 10%.

Now from that 10%, we can break it down into the chances of pulling each specific rarity of trade token. Surprisingly, unlike with card rarities, the legendary token is actually going to be the easiest to obtain, with the common being the most rare.

  • Common Trade Tokens: 10% (1% overall)
  • Rare Trade Tokens: 20% (2% overall)
  • Epic Trade Tokens: 30% (3% overall)
  • Legendary Trade Tokens: 40% (4% overall)

Trade Tokens Drop Rates Odds Clash Royale

Clash Royale has stated that they want to lessen the gap between legendary, epic, rare, and common cards, which is why you are the most likely to unlock a legendary trade token from your war bounty.

Now you know that you shouldn’t expect a trade token out of every war that you compete in. However, of the trade tokens that you do get from a war bounty, you have almost a one half chance of that being a legendary token, which is the one everyone wants. Thanks for reading and comment below if you have used a trade token in your clan yet!

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4 thoughts on “Trade Tokens Drop Rates/Odds for War Bounties in Clash Royale

  1. I think I my token rate has been around 50% since the update which means either I’m super lucky or the rate has since been increased.


    • I don’t think it’s been increased yet, though Clash Royale has said they would. You might have been SUPER lucky; I’ve only received one in the 12 wars I’ve done


  2. Ok so my clan does wars back to back. We have done 12 since the token introduction. I have played all. I have only been given 1 epic and 1 common token. How many wars does this 10% equate to? As in how many wars does one have to do to get anything. In other words 10% of what?


    • You have a 10% chance of pulling a token from any given war. Right now, you have been pulling tokens at a 16.6% rate, so you can expect that to go down a bit.


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