New Card Level System Explained in Clash Royale

In the Clash Royale September 2018 update, the entire card leveling system will be completed revamped to make it easier to newer players to understand card leveling. In the new upgrade system, there will be level 13 legendaries, level 13 epics, and level 13 rares! It’s a bit confusing, so let me explain the new card level system in Clash Royale for the September 2018 update!

New Card Level System Explained

Basically, Clash Royale wants to make it so that it is easier for new players to understand tournament standard and card leveling. This means that now, all cards will max out at level 13, and will be tournament standard level at level 9.

This doesn’t change any strength though. So a level 13 legendary card will be the exact same strength as a current level 5 legendary. A level 13 epic card will be the same as a current level 8 epic and a level 13 rare will be the same as a current level 11 rare.

Because of all of these new changes, when you unlock new cards, they won’t start at level one, except for common cards. Rare cards will unlock at level 3, epic cards at level 6, and legendary cards at level 9.

An easy way to think about this is that the September update will increase all rare card levels by 2, all epic card levels by 5, and all legendary card levels by 8. And somehow this all makes it “easier” for new players to understand card leveling. Anyways, here’s a neat graphic that can explain the new card levels.

I really don’t think that it will be easier to understand because when you unlock a legendary card, it will be level 9 instead of level 1, which doesn’t make any sense to a new player. However, we have to deal with it because it IS coming in the September update.

So that’s the new leveling system explained as best as I can. I’m really not a fan and think that Clash Royale should leave it exactly how it is right now. Thanks for reading and comment below what your opinions are of the new card leveling!

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17 thoughts on “New Card Level System Explained in Clash Royale

  1. Doesn’t make it easier are you kidding me. This makes it way easier.First I’d let you know I’ve been playing clash royale since its beginning and I love this update.

    I like to keep all my cards in my deck level equivilant to each other. So I’m not wasting time upgrading a card that’s already way more powerful than everything else in my deck. To do that before I had to track their upgrade gold cost. If my common card cost as much gold to upgrade as my legendary i knew they were level equivilant to each other. But you can’t sort cards by upgrade gold cost so I had no way to sort my collection by level equivilant. Now all this is so much easier.


  2. When I first started playing I understood the lvl system and so did you and everyone else so what I dont understand is why change a working system that was already working for “newbies” like you me and all the other thousands that play


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  4. The new system is not good. Every newby will not understand the new System the old one isnt even complex so why change it! Never touch a running system.


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