Clash Royale December 2018 Update Patch Notes

The December 2018 update for Clash Royale is live, bringing with it star levels, new global tournaments, and a buff to trade tokens! This update is one of the best Clash Royale has ever put out, so here is everything that was released in the Clash Royale December update!

Clash Royale December 2018 Update

Clash Royale December 2018 Update

  • “Star Levels” give your Max Level cards a fresh new look!
  • Reach King Level 13 to start earning “Star Points”
  • Earn Star Points from card upgrades and donations
  • Use Star Points to unlock cool cosmetics for your Max Level cards
  • Find out more in TV Royale Part 1
  • Watch the Star Levels animation!
  • Look out for a new card ramming its way into the Arena soon…
  • Play in all-new GLOBAL tournaments with tons of rewards!
  • Unlock FREE rewards as you get more wins
  • Use Gems to unlock the BONUS rewards when the tournament ends
  • Finish at the top of the leaderboard to earn an EXCLUSIVE reward!
  • Watch TV Royale Part 2
  • We’ve revamped the original tournament system (now called “private tournaments”)
  • Private tournaments cost 10 Gems to create for any size and duration, but have no rewards – they’re just for fun now, ideally with friends!
  • When creating one, you can choose from any game mode and set a King Level/card level cap!
  • Some Challenges will have a “Continue” option…
  • Continue where you left off and reset your losses, but keep your wins!
  • Trading now requires a token on both sides of the exchange to work
  • You’ll receive Trade Tokens over twice as often to balance this!
  • When joining a Clan you can’t trade right away (cooldown added)
  • Clan recommendations in the Clan search are better
  • Super Magical Chests are now Mega Lightning Chests, and come with 3-8 Strikes!
  • Add friends at the end of a 2v2 Battle
  • Name change for Gems!
  • Emotes for Gems!
  • Speed up card requests for Gems!
  • Replace Quests for Gems!
  • War Bounties can now contain Gems!
  • Check out your Player Profile to see the new Achievement Badges
  • Legend Trophies removed from Player Profiles ( finally! )
  • In exchange for their Legend Trophies, players will receive gold AND an exclusive Royal Ghost Emote!
  • Copy a player’s tag from the Player Profile by tapping on it
  • We’ve rebalanced several cards – find out what’s changed!
  • Freeze now deals Area Damage and always lasts 5sec
  • Elixir Collector no longer appears in opening hands
  • We’ve updated and improved the Classic Decks in Clan Wars

And that’s everything that is in the December 2018 update for Clash Royale! I’m really interested to see what the new card could be, it sounds exactly like the intro for a battle ram. Anyways, thanks for reading and comment below what you think about this update!

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