Best Goblin Giant Decks for All Arenas in Clash Royale

The goblin giant is here in Clash Royale, marking a new win condition from Arena 9+. In order to win with the newest card in Clash Royale, the goblin giant, you are going to need the best goblin giant decks for all arenas in Clash Royale!

Best Goblin Giant Decks Clash Royale

Best Goblin Giant Decks

For those of you who don’t know what the goblin giant is, he is a 6 elixir epic card that primarily serves as a tank unit. He does about 60% of the damage of the giant and has about 60% of the hitpoints too. However, when the goblin giant dies, he drops two spear goblins, who are also fending off enemy troops while he heads towards the tower. Here are the three best goblin giant decks to use in Clash Royale in the current meta!

Goblin Giant Double Prince Deck

Goblin Giant Double Prince Deck Clash Royale

With the princes poised once again to rise to the top of the Clash Royale meta, it seems like goblin giant could reasonably fit in here as a main tank unit. This is an extremely popular deck right now, except with the giant instead of the goblin giant. Since the goblin giant can provide more defensive value, it might actually work better than with the giant in it. You want to rely on the goblin giant as well as the two princes as your main offensive cards, with e-wiz and mega minion on defense.

Goblin Giant Bridge Spam Deck

Goblin Giant Bridge Spam Deck Clash Royale

With the faster than usual movement speed for tanks on the goblin giant, he should fit into bridge spam decks pretty well, especially since they usually lack a real tank card. You have a ton of different options for tower damage in this deck, namely the goblin giant, supported with the royal ghost or battle ram. You also have the mega minion to help attack from the air. Use the inferno dragon and tombstone as defensive plays that can turn into a counterpush, with the goblin giant in front!

Goblin Giant Graveyard Deck

Goblin Giant Graveyard Deck Clash Royale

Our final deck that we have is a graveyard deck, with the goblin giant replacing the bowler. The two spear goblins will do great for countering the usual cheap cards that are played against the graveyard, while the goblin giant can soak up damage. A goblin giant, graveyard, and poison push will be nearly impossible to stop if you can muster the 15 elixir it costs. For a cheaper option work with the ice golem and ice wizard to build up a decent sized push.

While the goblin giant hasn’t seemed the strongest in the draft challenge so far, those are definitely the decks to use him in if you love playing the goblin giant. I think he needs to be reduced to 5 elixir and receive a slight nerf with that reduction. Thanks for reading and comment below what you think about the goblin giant!

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