Brawl Stars January 2019 Update: Gene (New Brawler) and Skins

There has been quite a bit of update hype surrounding the Brawl Stars January 2019 update, but now we know basically everything that is coming in the newest Brawl Stars update, including a new brawler named Gene! Here’s everything we know about the Brawl Stars January 2019 update!

Brawl Stars January 2019 Update

Brawl Stars January Update

New Skins

First off, a popular request is always to add new skins to the game. Brawl Stars is coming in big here, adding 6 total new skins, including 3 specifically for the Chinese New Year! Here’s a list of all the new skins that are appearing after the update.

  • Colt (Lunar New Year)
  • Darryl (Lunar New Year)
  • Brock (Lunar New Year)
  • Bull (Football)
  • Poco (Valentine’s Day)
  • Ricochet (Popcorn)

All these new skins will be great, as long as you have the gems to afford them!

Gene (New Brawler)

One of the biggest things coming in the January 2019 update to Brawl Stars is a new brawler by the name of Gene. As it was leaked earlier, it is almost certain that Gene is going to be a genie like brawler. Here’s our first image of what Gene is going to look like.

Gene New Brawler Brawl Stars 2019 Update

He won’t be released immediately after the update drops, but instead will come into the game sometime in mid-February. We will get more information for Gene as soon as it becomes available!

Balance Changes

Finally, there are going to be a fair amount of balance changes in this Brawl Stars update. We already covered all of these, which you can view here. Some of the big changes are to the Star Powers of many brawlers and huge improvement to Brawl Ball!

That’s all for the January 2019 update in Brawl Stars! I assume that the update will probably be released either tomorrow or Tuesday, but it should only be a couple days away. Thanks for reading and comment below what you think about this update!

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