Brawl Stars January 2019 Update Release Notes

The Brawl Stars January 2019 update is live in game, bringing with it a new brawler (Gene) and a whole bunch of new skins. This new Brawl Stars update is amazing, and here’s everything that was added in the January 2019 update!

Brawl Stars January 2019 Update

Brawl Stars January Update

New Brawler – Gene! (Coming soon!)
  • Gene is a versatile supporter who can engage enemies at any range!
  • Gene’s Super launches a magical hand from his lamp, dragging an enemy to his location!
New Skins (Coming soon!)
  • Dumpling Darryl
  • Lion Dance Brock
  • Royal Agent Colt
  • Football Bull
  • Serenade Poco
  • Popcorn Rico
New Character Models and Skins
  • Spike (Pink Spike skin replaced with Sakura Spike)
  • Darryl
  • Poco
  • Rico
  • Colt
Game Mode Changes

Brawl Ball

  • Brawlers now spawn inside the Goal
  • Kicking the ball without Super now consumes ammo


  • Player names are now empty instead of “???” at over 300 Trophies
  • Poison doesn’t deal damage instantly when it spawns or grows


  • Game mode length reduced from 2m 30s to 2m

Raid Boss

  • Now shows when the next Boss rage stage is triggered
  • Added one more rage stage
  • Show in-game which difficulty you are playing
  • Respawn time increased by 2 seconds

Duo Showdown

  • Respawn time increased by 2 seconds


  • Safe health increased from 30000 to 36000

All Modes

  • Green bushes no longer grow back after 35 seconds
  • Explosion and other things that destroy the environment don’t leave 1 tile gaps anymore (hard to move through them with the joystick)
Character Changes
  • Many new visual effects for Brawlers and skins
  • Mortis VO added
  • Bo VO added
  • Brock VO added
  • Performance improvements
  • Chat – Game room chat is still visible when other people have left the room
  • Clubs – Search clubs while in a club “button” added
  • Shop improvements
  • Change your leaderboard location in Settings
  • Star Power gem price lowered from 266 to 233
  • Player’s token limit increased from 100 to 200
Maps & event rotation
  • Bounty and Heist now share event slot 3
    • Added four new Bounty maps, kept three old Bounty maps
    • Added four new Heist maps, kept three old Heist maps
    • Tweaked the remaining old Heist maps to increase Brawler variety
  • Brawl Ball and “Showdown with event mods” now share event slot 4
    • Added one new and one previously removed Showdown map
    • Added one new Brawl Ball map
    • Showdown is now the only game mode with event modifiers
    • Removed Life Leech event modifier
    • Removed Gem Grab, Bounty and Heist maps that were rarely in rotation

This new update is absolutely amazing, with better graphics all around and the new brawler, Gene, coming soon! Also, having a 200 tokens cap is so great and a hidden feature. Thanks for reading and comment below what you think about this January update!

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