Giant Double Prince Beatdown Deck for the New Meta

In the new Clash Royale meta, double prince decks reign supreme! Combined with the giant you have the best deck in Clash Royale for February of 2018. Here’s the strategy and gameplay behind this amazing giant double prince beatdown deck!

Giant Double Prince Beatdown Deck Overview

Giant Double Prince Deck Clash Royale

You’ve got three really great tanky cards in this deck, represented by the giant, prince, and dark prince. The giant is going to be your primary tank, soaking up all of the damage for your support cards in behind. Two of those support cards can be the double princes, but they also work just fine on their own. The prince can get some insane damage in on his charge, but often needs a splash damage card to support him. That’s where the dark prince can be played in, offering the perfect complement to the prince.

Along with the three stellar tanks, you also have three pretty successful support cards. Since this deck runs a little bit heavy, you have the ice spirit to off-set the cost a little bit. This one elixir card can stop groups of units or just help you cycle to your stronger cards. Second, you have the mega minion to help you take out air troops a bit easier. The MM is also amazing as a support card behind the prince or giant, just like our last support card the electro-wizard. This is going to be your strongest support card, being able to be played in almost any situation.

Let’s go ahead and cover our spells. Both the zap and poison are going to be critical to your success with this deck. The zap needs to be used as an immediate counter to any swarm troops against your giant or prince. The poison, on the other hand, is a more lastly counter to heavier and tankier units, but its range will allow you to cover quite a large area. Best to play the poison when you have a build-up push so that you can take out more defensive units.

Combining the Double Princes

Double princes are, by far, one of the best synergies in Clash Royale. The prince can offer insane single-target damage, while the support by the dark prince can make sure that they aren’t overwhelmed by any swarm units that might be played. Of course, you do lack air coverage, since both princes are ground seeking, so its usually smart to have a poison or zap at the ready.

Double Prince Push Clash Royale

If you can play it right, the double prince combo is amazingly effective and can completely shut down a tower. An ice spirit thrown into the mix wouldn’t be too bad of a call either!

Poison Chip Damage

As with every big spell that you have in any deck, the poison should be used to help chip down the tower to make it easier for it to fall. The poison now does more damage than an equivalent fireball, just over a longer period of time. This means that just a few poisons on the tower can lead to you having a huge HP advantage.

Poison Chip Damage Clash Royale

With this deck, there are two ways that you can get poison chip damage. The first is that you can deploy the poison when your opponent plays a card passing by the arena tower. This will damage or kill the unit, as well as take some HP off of the tower.

The other, probably better option, would be to combine the poison with any one of your pushes. This would let the poison clear away any troops from your push, and make it much easier for your troops to connect onto the tower. However, it really just comes down to what deck your opponent is playing, as well as what the cycle rotation is.

Playing Defense

Since you have three great defensive cards, you shouldn’t have much trouble defending against any type of push that comes your way. A golem push can be shut down with the prince and electro-wizard, while a mega knight inferno dragon can be countered with the mega minion and prince. Even a simple solo hog can be completely dominated with the help of an ice spirit and the mega minion. Defending with this deck ultimately comes down to making use of the cards in your hands, as well as knowing each card’s strength and when to deploy it!

Mega Minion vs Hog Rider Clash Royale

That is our full double prince giant beatdown deck for Clash Royale! I hope you guys learned a lot from the guide and can use this deck for success out there on the ladder. Thanks for reading and comment below which deck you are currently using in Clash Royale!

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