PEKKA Dark Prince Deck for Arena 7+ in Clash Royale

This PEKKA dark prince deck has completely taken over the meta in Clash Royale! Being one of the best decks in Clash Royale, you can play this entire PEKKA dark prince deck starting at Arena 7, making it a great deck to move up to legendary arena. Here’s the full gameplay and strategy behind this PEKKA dark prince deck!

PEKKA Dark Prince Deck Overview

PEKKA Dark Prince Deck Clash Royale

The best thing about this deck is that once you hit arena 7 and unlock all of the cards, you’ll be able to play it from there on out! Only the mega minion and dark prince prevent you from unlocking this whole deck even earlier. Once you complete the set, you’ll be able to upgrade it all the way!

Beatdown is the name of this deck, and beatdown is exactly how you should be playing it. Set up with the PEKKA in the back and overly support it with the dark prince, electro-wizard, and mega minion!

Roles of Each Card in the Deck



The PEKKA is beyond a doubt the most important card in this deck, being the main tank unit.

Ideally, you are going to want to play the PEKKA at the back of your side of the arena. From there, you can support her with all of your other support cards like the e-wiz and mega minion.

This is also a great card to play on defense, mostly used for defending against large pushes. The PEKKA is also a great card to put down to defend against hog pushes since it soaks the damage while killing the hog.

Dark Prince Clash Royale

Dark Prince

The dark prince is your pivot between offense and defense, acting as a tank and a support card.

On offense, the dark prince can act as a support unit along with the PEKKA or act as the main tank for a smaller push. Combine PEKKA and dark prince for dominance on the ground!

On defense, the dark prince is pretty tanky and deals a ton of damage, so its often a good choice for defense, especially about swarms of ground units. Since he deals splash damage and charges, he can wipe out whole pushes!

Goblin Hut Clash Royale

Goblin Hut

The goblin hut can provide a steady stream of chip damage as well as act as a defense

The ever-annoying goblin hut is going to be a key to defense in this deck, being the best way to keep pressure on your opponent while also getting some big damage overtime.

Also, the goblin hut can be a great way to defend against any building-seeking troop. Plop this bad boy in the middle of your side of the map and all troops will be stuck on it, while a steady stream of goblin build up.

Clash Royale Legendary Card Miner


The miner works as as secondary tank or a quick way for some chip damage.

If you don’t have enough elixir built up for the PEKKA, the miner can work great as a tank unit. For only three elixir, send this guy to the other side of the arena and soak up damage for your other units.

If you need a few hundred hitpoints of damage on an arena tower, the miner is the troop that you should use. A quick miner to the back of the tower can get several hundred HP of damage if uncountered

Clash Royale Electro Wizard Legendary Card


The electro wizard is going to be a great support unit, used to reset sparky and infernos.

On offense, the e-wiz can act as an amazing support to the PEKKA, being able to reset the inferno tower and the inferno dragon from taking him down. He can also kill air or ground units, making him the card to put behind your PEKKA.

The electro-wizard is also going to star on defense, shutting down any swarm units thanks to his splash damage spawn. He can also slow down pushes big time due to his zap stun that he doubly shoots.

Mega Minion Clash RoyaleMega Minion

The mega minion is your go-to air troop, being great for support and for defense.

Along with the electro-wizard, the mega minion is a great support card for the PEKKA. Since neither the PEKKA nor dark prince can kill air troops, its great to have the mega minion along to kill baby dragons and other air based troops.

Besides the electro-wizard, you don’t have any other units that can air troops in this deck. That means that you’ll have to rely on the mega minion when going up against LavaLoon or other air decks.

Zap Clash RoyaleZap

The zap is a quick way to take out small units to forge a path to the tower.

With the zap, you are going to want to use it to take down any swarm units that might prevent your PEKKA from reaching the tower. Zap down skeleton armies and goblin gangs to keep your PEKKA alive.

Also, the zap is going to be critical for countering the goblin barrel. On defense, you are going to have to use the zap often to kill any zap bait cards, like the minion horde since you lack air troops.

Poison Clash Royale


The poison is going to be an area clearer, making for a bigger zap spell.

When pushing with the PEKKA you can often get overwhelmed with swarms of small and medium health units. The poison can solve those issues by making sure that no troops survive for long within its radius.

Play the poison off to the middle of the map, making sure that it reaches the tower as well as any troops played. The chip damage that the poison provides can be critical for late game health.

Different Offensive Pushes

PEKKA-Dark Prince: The namesake of this deck, this PEKKA dark prince combination possesses all of the key for a killer combination on the ground.

You want to start this push off with placing a PEKKA in the back behind the king’s tower. Once it gets to the bridge, you are good to play the dark prince along side of it. With the PEKKA dealing big single damage and the dark prince covering splash damage, you are protected against most ground units. Hover a poison or zap if you have enough elixir.

PEKKA-Support: This push is the PEKKA-dark prince combo on steroids, combing the PEKKA with as many support units as possible. Together, you should be able to reach the tower.

As with the PEKKA-dark prince push, start this one off with a PEKKA placed right behind the king’s tower. As soon as it reaches the arena bridge, start playing support units in behind; whatever you have in rotation. Hopefully, you’ll have enough elixir to afford the poison spell as this can wipe out defending troops in a huge radius.

Miner-Dark Prince: For a much less expensive option than the previous two, you can combine the miner and dark prince for a 7 elixir push that usually can make your opponent panic.

Start your push by sending over the miner onto the arena tower. Support the miner quickly with the dark prince. Because of the speed of the miner deployment and the general speed of the dark prince, it makes it tough for your opponent to react in time. Hopefully you can land a dark prince charge onto the tower before they gather their wits!

Defending against Popular Decks

X-Bow Siege Deck

X Bow Cycle Deck Clash Royale League Challenge

Just like the previous deck shared, this x-bow cycle deck is eating it up in the ladder and in tournaments. However, thanks to your PEKKA it should be pretty easy to counter. When the x-bow is played, drop your PEKKA ahead of your tower so that the x-bow will lock onto it. Once the x-bow is locked on, the dark prince or mega minion can finish the building off!

Zap/Log Bait Deck

Log Bait Deck Clash Royale League Challenge

Out of any deck in the current Clash Royale meta, this zap/log bait deck is going to be the most difficult to counter. You don’t have log in this deck; only zap, so you’ll have to use it sparingly. I’d recommend saving it for the goblin barrel since that is the toughest to counter and can deal the most damage. Use e-wiz and mega minion to take out the other bait cards.

Giant Double Prince Deck

Giant Double Prince Deck Clash Royale

With the PEKKA and the goblin hut, you shouldn’t have too much of a problem counter this deck. It is actually extremely similar to this PEKKA deck, just with a few cards replaced. Use the goblin hut to take down the giant and drop off your PEKKA in order to counter the double prince push. Miner is also great for defending a prince or dark prince if you are in a pickle.

I hope that this guide gave you ample enough information about hw to win with this PEKKA dark prince deck! If it didn’t make sure to comment below to tell us what else we could add to make these guides even better. Thanks for reading and come back soon for more awesome Clash Royale decks!

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