Base Design [Part I|Basics]

Hey everyone, KingBacca here bringing you my first post on Base Design.  So there are many different strategies for base design, depending on if you are trying to push to crystal, or farm in Gold II.  In this post I will break down all the mechanics behind placement, traps, defensive units and clan castle troops.

The Basics

Alright, beginning with the basics of ALL base designs.  Some defensive structures need to be placed in certain areas.  If you didn’t know already Splash Damage (Mortars|Wizard Towers) are your heavy hitters on defense and do the most damage.  Adding on to your splash damage defenses, brings the Clan Castle or CC.  You may ask, What? A clan castle doesn’t shoot bullets?  Well it may not, but it does hold donations,  and if your clan buddies are friendly, they will hopefully give you some strong troops on defense.  Many people like to hold wizards in their clan castle.  Reason being is that they acquire splash damage, and can wipe out a pack of giants|hogs in a matter of seconds.  So now you ask, well Bacca, where do I put these structures so I can win some trophies and protect my loot.  Well, the answer is, in the center, you want to centralize these structures.  I will be showing examples for TH 8’s.

Notice how everything Is perfectly centralized, providing the best defensive strategy.


What do You Think?

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