Why Rushing/Gemming Your TH is Bad

This is STLCardinalFan2 talking about people rushing their town halls. We all know that those X-Bows at Town Hall 9 and inferno towers at Town Hall 10 look pretty scary and its tempting to upgrade your TH to get them. However, is it really worth it? There are three major reasons for not upgrading your town hall too fast.

1: The loot bonus- As I have said in my Loot and Where to Find It post, resources are the most important thing in the game. Without resources, there is no way to upgrade anything. If you didn’t know, with every town hall level, you are able to claim a little less loot from each raid. At Town Hall 6 you are able to get 18% of all the resources that player has available. When you get Town Hall 8, that drops to 14%. At TH 10 you claim as little as 10% in a raid. So, upgrading your Town Hall gets you less loot when you raid.

2: Bad base- When people upgrade their Town Hall quickly, they don’t learn the steps of the game, like how to build a solid base. Some of them are actually so inexperienced that they still think that people can’t place troops on the edge of your world. Also, most upgrade their infernos and x-bows high but they forget about their simpler defenses like cannons and air defense. This makes them extremely easy to raid.

3: Next- This may not seem like the best reason, but it is very good one indeed. Every Town Hall you upgrade, it gets more expensive to find a match. At Town Hall 6 it is 250, at TH8 it is 580, and at Town Hall 10 it is 1,000 gold! This small amount may not seem like much but when you’re a TH10 it gets more complicated to find loot, so you might be spending up to 100k gold just to find a raid. At Town Hall 6 this would cost only 25k. I hope this post has convinced you not to rush or gem your TH!

An extremely gemmed TH10!

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