Clan Positions

STL here talking about the clan positions. This is a guide about when you should promote people, what the positions can do, and how to use each position.

Leader: The beginning of the clan was started by this person. He has built the clan up all the way. A leader can do whatever they please: sending mail, demoting/promoting people, and starting war. Pretty basic: If you want something done, ask the leader! Also DO NOT offend, since he has the power to kick you out and never let you back in!

Co-Leader: This position is given out by the leader to people he trusts completely. They are essentially leaders only there is usually more than one of them. “Cos” can kick out/promote elders, start war, send clan mail, as well as the other elder responsibilities. Cos are counted on to run the clan while the leader is away or offline. DO NOT promote anyone to Co-Leader if they ask unless you trust them completely! Don’t base it on donations either. Remember this person has the power to ruin your clan! Don’t give it away for free.

Elder: A step below Co, but still powerful in the clan. Elders can invite and kick out however, there is a 20 minute cool-down for kicks. Elders aren’t as powerful as Co-Leaders so it is reasonable to have a donation requirement to get elder. This will actually make people donate a lot more since everyone wants to be an elder! I would also recommend NOT giving this out for free. Even with the 20 minute kick cool-down, an elder can still do a lot of damage. If you trust an elder a lot and they make good decisions, promote them to Co-Leader!

Member: This is the everyday clan member. Unless they are new, they probably don’t say much and don’t donate that much either. To rise from a member to elder, be active and nice, and donate a ton. This will gain the leader’s trust in you and lead to an early promotion. Elder, Cos, and the Leader can all kick you out so be nice!



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