Inactive Accounts

STL here, talking about inactive accounts. As we all know, inactive accounts are the BEST people to raid for loot. Their uncollected mines and collectors are full for us just brimming with resources that we can take easily. These people can lead to easy 600k raids if you are lucky. For getting this unattended loot there are 3 main strategies:

Barch: A combination of barbarians and archers. This is used for easily getting the outside collectors and hopefully the 50% to go with it! See more here:

G.A.G.: Giants, archers, and goblins. It’s a simple strategy- Send in your giants as cover while your archers and goblins take out the collectors. It should be an easy 50%.

Mass Gobs: Just like it says- All gobs! Not very effective if you are going for trophies but a guarantee if you want every last bit of loot!

These strategies can lead to raids such as this one-


Note: If there is a lot of loot available then it might not all be in the collectors. An easy way to tell is by looking at the mines/collectors themselves. If they are full then that means most of the loot is in the mines. However, if it doesn’t look full then chances are that the resources are held in the storages.


Full Gold Mine

Not Full:

Empty Gold Mine

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