The Road to XP 100

Hey guys, Jacob the Great here! I recently just got to XP 100. I’m here to tell you about what town hall, what your highest trophies should be (excluding Town Hall Sniping), and where you should farm at each XP. I hope you enjoy the guide


XP 10

Town Hall: 4

Highest Trophies: 700

Where to Farm: Bronze Three

XP 10 is where you are first getting into the game, not really knowing what you are doing. At this XP i wouldn’t start trophy pushing that hard yet, this XP is more to farm and get your town hall up to 4 where you can actually start building stuff.

XP 20

Town Hall: 5

Highest Trophies: 900

Where to Farm: Bronze Two

XP 20 is where you are starting to get a solid base, and you can actually defend against attackers. I wouldn’t start pushing yet, just keep moving through those town halls and upgrade your defenses.

XP 30

Town Hall: 5

Highest Trophies: 1000

Where to Farm: Silver Three

XP 30 is a critical spot for Clash of Clans. This is the XP where you are stopped being considered a noob, and where you have the troops to get to crystal (I wouldn’t advise trying) This is also the first time you can either farm or push, it is easy to tell which you are doing.

XP 40

Town Hall: 6

Highest Trophies: 1200

Where to Farm: Silver Three

When you get to XP 40 you might have gotten to 1250 trophies which gives you a huge boost in gems, 450. You should use these gems to get another builder hut. Since you have that extra builder hut, this XP is a prime time to farm in order to keep that builder busy.

XP 50

Town Hall: 7

Highest Trophies: 1400

Where to Farm: Silver Two

XP 50 is probably the first time you will make it to the gold league. Once up there, it makes Clash of Clans a whole new game. Also, at Town Hall 7 you unlock lots of new stuff so at this XP I would do one big push, then settle back down to farm

XP 60

Town Hall: 7

Highest Trophies: 1500

Where to Farm: Silver One

As you are finishing maxing Town Hall 7, this XP offers a great opportunity to push. With a maxed Town Hall 7 base you might be able to get to high Gold Three.

XP 70

Town Hall: 8

Highest Trophies: 1800

Where to Farm: Gold Three

XP 70 is where you are starting to be considered good by the Clash community. You have got Town Hall, which in the original version of the game would’ve been the max Town Hall. This is a great oppurtunity to farm since you have just unlocked the Dark Elixer Drill, and you should try to farm Dark Elixer to get your Barbarian King.

XP 80

Town Hall: 9

Highest Trophies: 2200

Where to Farm: Gold Two

XP 80 usually get you Town Hall 9 which unlocks a whole new range of playing. You have the x-bows, and the archer queen, so you can push higher, buy you have more expensive upgrades to so you have to farm higher as well.

XP 90

Town Hall: 9

Highest Trophies: 2500

Where to Farm: Gold Two

Once you are XP 90, you are probably over halfway through maxing Town Hall 9. Once you get here, you have a shot to make it to Master and unlock another builder hut. At this XP I would do one major push, then farm the rest of the way

XP 100

Town Hall: 10

Highest Trophies: 3000

Where to Farm: Crystal Three

Congratulations! You are finally XP 100, and you are considered an elite player of the game. At this point, you should have Town Hall 10, which could get you to champion, but farming is almost totally out of the option. To farm you only get loot of fellow Town Hall 10s or Town Hall 9s so pushing will take most of your time.


I hope you guys enjoyed this guide!



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