What to Upgrade First at TH10

The last of the Town Halls! At least for a while, this will be the last Town Hall you will get. This one is a little different since there is SO many new buildings unlocked at this stage. Instead of saying what to upgrade based on your builders, I will tell you what the most important things to upgrade/build first are.

1. All new buildings/walls

2. Upgrade all buildings/walls to your previous level

3. INFERNOS! This is what everyone is waiting for.

4. Dark Elixir Drill. Build your new drill and get it to 6 fast! You want to be pumping out that DE.

5. Upgrade laboratory. This way all your troops can be maxed if you want them. Level 4 Dragons and Level 6 Wizards are huge pluses!

6. Build/upgrade gold mine/elixir collector. Get these both to 11 ASAP. This will help your cash flow immensely.

7. Army Camps to 8. This is a must at TH10. You should do this quickly since those 20 extra troops will really help.

These upgrades are the first things that should be done after getting TH10. After this, you can decide anything from mortars to 8, X-Bows to 4, or walls to 11 (not recommended). Hope you guys enjoyed the Getting Town Hall series!

Note: Do not upgrade your Town Hall until you have completely maxed your base!

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