Heroes: Barbarian King

This is STL bringing a real treat. I will be talking about the Barbarian King today and the Archer Queen tomorrow. This guide will be about cost, offensive usage, defensive usage and other facts. Enjoy!

Cost: You unlock the Barb King at TH7, but unless you gem for it or loot hard for Dark Elixir, you usually get it at TH8. A Barb King costs 10k Dark Elixir at level one then goes up in cost by 2.5k Dark Elixir until level 7. From there, it costs 5k Dark Elixir to upgrade. A level 40 King cost 90k. To get the entire thing from level one to level 40, it costs 3,752,500 Dark Elixir.

Offensive Usage: Usually, the Barb King is used to get the 50%, snipe a Town Hall, or provide cover for your weaker troops. If you have 42% or more you can usually count of your Barb King to clean up a couple buildings right together. To snipe a Town Hall, simply drop it by the TH then surrender before it takes any hits. This way you can keep attacking with out having to train more troops. Another way to use it, is to drop it in front of your barbarians/archers, so the King takes all the damage instead of the barbs/archers.

Defensive Usage: With the new update, the Barb King is a powerhouse on defense. Since it can’t be lured, make sure it is in the middle of your village. This way when the troops are halfway through the battle, your King can come out and do some damage. Hogs are the most impacted since the Barb King can track them down easily and end the whole raid.

Other Facts: Both the Heroes have an ability, something they can do which causes a huge change. The Barb King’s is the Iron Fist. It is basically a mini-rage spell only for the Barb King that last a few seconds. The Barb King is immortal- it can never die, but it have a “sleeping time” if it runs out of health (1 hour at level one). The appearance of the King changes from having iron armor and sword to them being gold overtime.

Hope you guys enjoyed the guide! Come back to see Archer Queen tomorrow!

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