Base Design [Part III|Pushing]

Pushing- Hello fellow clashers, KingBacca here bringing you the final segment of Base Design.  Before we get into the mechanical aspects of your base we first need to know what exactly pushing is.  Pushing is when a clasher challenges himself|herself to reach the highest amount of trophies possible for themselves and it is what Clash of Clans was based off of.  You can challenge yourself to reach an amount of trophies, either by sniping or actually raiding for stars.  Now that you what exactly pushing is we will get into what type of base you need.

The Base- In the previous guides we already learned about the centralized Clan Castle and the Centralized Splash Damage.  Also, as I forgot to add this in the last post, if you have any heroes [Barbarian King|Archer Queen] make sure to keep these near the middle of your base because in the latest update, heroes stay in their respected areas.  So there is not much different between farming and pushing it is just the town hall placement, unlike the farming placement you want your townhall in the middle of your base, you want to earn trophies so you don’t want that thing being hit.  The goal is to earn trophies and possibly get a shield which would make for someone to get between 40-49% for the perfect defense.  Keep in mind you want, ~Town Hall Smack Middle ~Centralized Clan Castle [ALWAYS have troops in here when pushing] ~Centralized Splash Damage [These should be your highest LvL defenses] ~Heroes Near Townhall [Your strongest warriors will protect your town halls even more]

Change mortar with laboratory and this base is golden for pushing.

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