Heroes: Archer Queen

I’m finally back from vacation! Sorry for the lack of posts. I’m bringing the sequel to the Barb King; the Archer Queen. Once again, I will be covering cost, offensive usage, defensive usage, and other facts. Read about the Barb King below.

Cost: An Archer Queen is more expensive than a Barb King, costing 40k Dark Elixir for a level one. A level two however, only costs 22.5k DE. From there, the price increases 2.5k every level until level 7 when it begins to increase 5k for every level you upgrade it. To get it all the way to level 40 it costs an unprecedented 4,172,500 Dark Elixir!

Offensive Usage: Similar to the Barb King, the Archer Queen is used in mainly three ways. The first: TH sniping. Since the Archer Queen shoots from so far away, its pretty easy to find a Town Hall to snipe without her losing any health. The second way to use her is to get 50%. If you are a few building shy of the one star, drop your archer queen and she will clean up. Between the two heroes you can usually get around 10-12%. The last way to use your archer queen is as cover-fire. If you send her in first, ahead of your weaker troops, she will take the fire, instead of your barbs/archers being one-shot.

Defensive Usage: With the new update, heroes become a lot more powerful on defense since they can’t be lured anymore. I would recommend putting both your heroes on the inside of your base, that way they can’t be lured and they might savage a defense halfway through. If you are farming, you could put your queen near the TH so it isn’t so easy to TH snipe your base.

Other Facts: The Archer Queen is unlocked when you upgrade to Town Hall 9. At level 5, the Queen unlocks an ability, “Royal Cloak” which renders her invisible for a short period of time. The Archer Queen never actually dies, but she needs healing time if she takes fire. Along with the Barb King, she changes from having iron armor to having sparkling gold armor.

Hope you enjoyed the guide! I will be posting everyday now that I’m back home! Check back daily.

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