Small Clans: Pros and Cons

STL here bringing a mini-series about clans. I will be talking about the pros and cons of a small clan and likewise for a large clan. While it might seem like a large clan is definitely better, you might be surprised with all the pros to a small clan. Check out my clan: 2013 WS RIGGED!


-More tightly knit group

-Easier to get to know people

-Easier to coordinate clan wars

-Doesn’t need as many elders

-Everyone knows everyone

-Less clan chat spam

-More respect for Leader and Co-Leaders


-Harder to get new people to join

-Gets boring talking to the same people

-Less donations (less people)

-Not as active

-No feeder, so no new faces

I hope I outlined small clans pretty well and that you might give a small clan a try or make your small clan into a larger clan.


What do You Think?

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