What League to Farm In

Gold and elixir (loot) is the whole purpose of the game. Without loot, there would be no way to upgrade your defense or your army. Therefore, a valuable skill to this game is know exactly what league to farm in. In this post, I will tell you what league to farm in. Of course, a Town Hall 4 is not going to find loot in the same league as a Town Hall 10 so it has to vary between Town Halls. These are the best league to farm in; I guarantee it! Look below to find your Town Hall level and it will tell you around what league you could find the best loot in.

Town Hall 4Bronze 1: Right now, just starting out it should be fairly easy to get your building upgraded. The key is not to get to many trophies or higher levels will start taking your resources from you.

Town Hall 5Bronze 1: The same as Town Hall 4, you are still relatively new, so you don’t want to extend your trophies too high. You should be able to find some really low Town Hall 6s and Town Hall 7s in this league.

Town Hall 6Silver 3: As you start to max your base and not upgrade your Town Hall as fast, you will need more loot to do so. Silver 3 is a great place to find fellow Town Hall 6s that you can raid for relatively lots of loot.

Town Hall 7Silver 1: Town Hall 7 is the beginning of elite players. You start winning defenses easier and for that case you need to jump up two leagues to find other Town Hall 7s (and maybe a couple Town Hall 8s) for maximum loot possible.

Town Hall 8Gold 2: Gold 2 is the mother-load of all loot for Town Hall 8s. It is the best Town Hall loot wise since you have the troops to beat Town Hall 9s, but still get decent loot off Town Hall 7s. You need to be in a place where they come together, so you can get a variety of raids.

Town Hall 9- Gold 1: At Town Hall 9, anything is possible. Its still hard to get to Champion, but you start getting level 6 troops which enables you to beat some Town Hall 10s (especially rushers). Gold 1 is where all the gemmed Town Hall 10s lurk.

Town Hall 10– Crystal 2: At this point it is hard to get loot off anyone but fellow Town Hall 10s. Crystal 2 is the best league to farm in since you get some Town Hall 9s, but mostly Town Hall 10s farming. This is the only place to get loot for Town Hall 10s.

So that’s it guys! The best league to farm in for each TH level. Have fun looting!

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20 thoughts on “What League to Farm In

  1. hello i was getting tons of loot in silver iii before the update, after the update whole thing change for me .th10 trophy range for raiding dead bases any professional here so can guide me 🙂 help


  2. I’m th9 and I find all loot in gold 3, full collectors and mines 600k resources if your a th9 you should go to that leugue


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  4. th9 and th10 can farm on masters by aiming for one-star on a base w/ any troops, especially barch. the loot bonus is great and profitable.


  5. First of all great work. Just curious you feel these ranges still hold true. I am slowly but surely progressing TH 9 and was considering pushing to masters 3 for the gems. Tempted to drop and thinking gold 1 might be the place to go.


  6. This isn’t working for me. I’m a LV 85 TH9 and i’m in gold 1 (1930 trophies), and i literally can’t find a thing. I usually spend about 20 – 30 mins pressing next and then just get annoyed and turn the game off. It’s ever since this new update arrived :(. My clan mates who are equal level to me are having no trouble and are raking in 1 million gold an hour whereas i am playing for hours and am lucky if i get 600,000. I really hope this changes or i am going to quit clash.


    • Yes, unfortunately there is a decrease of loot because of the update. The inactives got back on once they realized that there were new features. This destroyed collector raids. Also people are becoming much more active since they want to try out all the new features. Loot should be back to normal by next weekend.


  7. hey whats up Im level 96 in the game and I found nice loots from th2 to th8. but there is a problem I havent been finding al those loots!!! I feel terrible because come on! I want to max my base! you can visit me I am Chuy from GuateVc.. I am saving my elixir from days so thats why I have toó much please write to me if u know something! cause I havent been playing for that .. I have been in silver 1 to cristal 1 and there is the same history!


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  9. I’ve been playing for a year, and never can find the perfect spot, now I got an idea to look for, I’m town hall 8, thanks!


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