Why Loot is so Poor

Everyone right now is wondering why there is no loot in the game. It’s impossible to find any raids. If you do get lucky and find some decent loot, chances are it is in the storages. There are two main reasons this is happening, and yes, the loot decrease has to do with the update.

1. People are checking in: With a new update, the people who have Clash of Clans sitting on their phone, but never play it, checked back in after the update came out. These inactive accounts suddenly became active, since when these people got on, they collected their mines and collectors. Also storage raids have decreased as well, since everyone is spending money buying the new items. Eventually, this will taper off and you will see an abundance of collector raids again since the inactives will once again become inactives.

2. Supercell removed some inactives: With every update, Supercell removes the accounts that have not been played on in over 180 days. This means an extreme hit to the collector raids, since there aren’t as many inactive accounts anymore. Every time there is an update this happens, so we just have to wait until more people become inactive for 100+ days.

You can expect to be getting normal loot by next weekend. At that point, the excitement from the update will have died off, and many people will have quit, creating the inactives we love so much.

What do You Think?

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