Beginner’s Guide to CoC

We all have to begin somewhere….. Today, I will be teaching the brand new players of Clash of Clans what the game is about and what to build and upgrade first. When you first begin you get a Town Hall and a few other basic buildings. The key in the beginning is NOT to spend gems. You will need them for later.

Introduction: Clash of Clans is a multiplayer game that involves raiding other people to try and upgrade your base to become the best possible. You can create or join a clan with other players. With that clan you can go to war to claim victory! Attack other people to gain resources or trophies. Trophies make you attack harder people so it makes it a challenge to see how high you can get. Keep upgrading your base and raiding hard!

What to Upgrade: When you first begin, you need to build your mines, storages, army camps, and barracks. The gold mines and elixir collectors need to be upgraded fast since that is how you get resources. Also, your army camps need to be upgraded to hold the maximum amount of troops possible. Make sure to “max” your base meaning upgrade everything possible before heading to the next Town Hall.

How to Attack: Don’t attack multiplayer for a while. Keep playing singleplayer while you learn to attack. I would recommend “barching” (a mix between barbarians and archers). Put the barbarians in first then the archers behind. Keep beating single player matches until your shield runs out. Once you shield runs out, attack until you reach Bronze III. From there attack for resources to upgrade your buildings.

Long-Term Goals: Eventually, you will max your Town Hall. Always save your gems until you have enough to buy a new builder hut. Try to rebuild your Clan Castle after you finish upgrading your gold mines. Get all your gold mines to 5 while upgrading defenses and walls with your gold. Make sure never to upgrade your Town Hall until you have maxed your base! Eventually you can turn out like this:

I hope you beginners enjoyed the guide. If you have any questions feel free to comment below.


One thought on “Beginner’s Guide to CoC

  1. add this to your tips:
    for the demo singleplayer mission, they give you 5 wizards to use, but you only need to use 2 of them. save the rest for later attacks in multiplayer.


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