December Update Coming Soon

Christmas is almost here and as a gift to us, Supercell will be releasing a brand new update to Clash of Clans. Supercell has been leading us on, saying that new sneak peeks are coming soon through Twitter and Facebook. Here are a few below:

So based on these lead-on tweets, you can assume that the update will be coming extremely soon. This makes us ask the question: what will be included in this new update? Here are a few of my personal ideas:

-Ivory Tower: In a recent tweet, Clash of Clans mentioned an “Ivory Tower” where wizards and R.A.B.B.I.T.s dwell. This might be a hint toward a new defensive tower. On the other hand, there is already a wizard tower, so this could be unrelated to any update.

-League Chat: I strongly believe that Supercell will add something to do with the players in your league. Currently, the members of your league do nothing but show up on a screen. It would be smart to add something, a chat is just one of the possibilities, to involve leagues more.

-Rate Base Feature:  Players have been begging for this one for a while. This would be pretty simple. Someone visits your base clicked between 1-5 stars and then the average of all the votes shows up on your profile. This would be a long-term thing, so you could try and get 5 stars!

-More Single Player Maps: Supercell has neglected the single-player maps for a long time. At this point, lots of players have beaten all 50 of the goblin maps and want more to come. Clash of Clans should focus on being more single-player again.

Once again, these are only ideas, these might not happen. If you have any ideas for the new update, feel free to drop a comment on what you think they will be adding! Clash on!


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