Christmas One Gem Boost Special

As an added gift this holiday season, Supercell has given us a one gem boost for the following items:

  • Elixir Collectors (1 day)
  • Archer Queen (2 hours)
  • Barbarian King (2 hours)
  • Spell Factory (2 hours)
  • Dark Barracks (2 hours)
  • Barracks (2 hours)

For some reason, gold mines weren’t included in this which is kind of strange. Just imagine the loot though! Level 12 elixir collectors, paired up with a one gem boost! And it takes practically no time at all to get raiding. Gem your army buildings and get out there to start looting.

Supercell also released some new commercials which you can check out below. They look pretty good and are very humorous! Just click on the name and it will take you right to the video.

Hog Rider 2.0


Flight of the Barbarian

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