Changing a Loss into a Win (40% to 50%)

I’m sure we have all had a raid that settles somewhere in the 40% and we take that hard loss, giving the defender a free shield. It is one of the most infuriating events to come across in the game; so close, yet so far! The following method will turn -34 trophies into +11 trophies. Well, I’m here to show you how to turn that fail into a success.



Now there are few things that will easily be able to earn you an extra 10% on a raid. Make sure to always have the following things if you want to make sure to wrap up the win.

-Barbarian King

-Archer Queen

-Clan Castle Reinforcement Troops

For starters, you want to use up all your normal troops that can be trained in barracks. See what percent that can get you to with those. Then if necessary send in your other troops (King, Queen and Reinforcements) on outside buildings that will be easy to destroy. Always send in your King first with your Queen behind, and then place your reinforcement troops on another side of the village. Here are the buildings with the least hitpoints (all max level)-

1. Hero Altars (250 HPs)

2. Builder’s Hut (250 HPs)

3. Army Camps (390 HPs)

4. Barracks (610 HPs)

5. Spell Factory (615 HPs)

So obviously, these are the buildings you want to attack since they can be destroyed in the least amount of time. Use both your heroes abilities when their health starts getting low; this will bring back a bit of health. If you have high level heroes, using them to get an extra 10% shouldn’t be a problem, but always use your King as a shield to your Queen. Here’s how its done-


Step One: Drop your King with a lot of surrounding buildings.


Step Two: Drop your Queen in behind, so that the King takes all the damage


Step Three: Use the Iron Fist and Royal Cloak abilities when your heroes get low on health


Now you maybe be wondering, “What if I use both my heroes and my reinforcement troops, but STILL don’t have 50%?” There is a solution to that, but it is extreme. You will need to bring 2, 3, 4, even 5 lightning spells, as many as your spell factory can hold. I wouldn’t recommend this, 1 or 2 should be fine. These are perfect for when you need that one extra building, but you have no troops left. Drop a lightning spell on one of the weakest buildings (as mentioned above) This will once again transform your win into a loss, just from having one spell.

I really hope this guide will help you clean up battles easier. Use the methods above and I guarantee this will work. Congrats on winning your next few battles!

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