How to Improve Clan War Matchmaking

Everyone wonders what exactly determines clan war match-ups. In this post, I will explain what pairs up other clans against each other and how to receive an easier clan war.

How Clan War Matchmaking Works

Now basically, your clan gets paired together with an enemy clan based on everything that can be “upgraded” in your village and your clan-mates’ villages: defenses, troop/spell level, heroes, walls, etc. The more upgraded these things are, the harder of a clan you get matched up against. Supercell gives you points based on all these buildings and troops for all your clan mates, and tries to find an enemy clan close to these number of points. Keep in mind, the following items don’t contribute or have any impact on wars.

  • Trophies
  • Experience Level
  • Location of Clan
  • Clan Level

Since none of these features actually determine how good your base is, they don’t account into choosing an enemy clan. Mainly clan war matches are paired by X-Bows and Inferno Towers- so it helps to have TH8s and TH7s in the war. So now that you know how matchmaking works, let’s try and improve it.

How to Improve Clan War Matchmaking

Lets start with the basics. Now obviously, you are going to have an easier clan war pairing if you have weaker bases in your clan. However, you need to be able to beat the opposing clan’s bases. That leads us to point #1

#1- An even spread of TH levels-

The best way to go about a war is not to have 20 TH10s and then 10 TH7s. Think about it: That averages out to be TH9 (if it was solely based on TH level). So who would the Town Hall 7s attack? It is ideal to have a wide variety of different TH levels- 5 TH10s, 10 TH9s, 10 TH8s, 10 TH7s, 5 TH6s, so that you can beat every player on the map.

So as you can see, having an unbalanced clan can result in some rough wars. The next major hint- Town Hall level, in general, plays a HUGE part in pairing wars. Therefore, you want lower THs, but have them be able to beat mid level war enemies. Point #2…

#2- Mature and maxed bases-

Ever been in a war where your clan is a bunch of maxed TH8s, and there is a rushed TH9 ranked above you? That is because X-Bows/Inferno Towers are a massive part of gaining points. (Remember you want as little points as possible). So really, you want a lot of TH8s since they don’t have those 2 defenses. However, you will eventually get TH9/10s in the clan. Then, you should make sure they own a  mature base- nothing is worse than having a rushed TH9 over a maxed TH9. Rushed bases will stack clan wars against you, so always make sure maxed bases are in your war.

OK, so now you guys know to put maxed bases in war and also have an even spread of Town Halls. This next point is what I like to refer to as “stacking” clan wars!

#3- Putting a low TH in war-

Putting a TH3-5 in war greatly decreases your clan points. Note: this only works in smaller wars, 25v25 and below. Having such a low Town Hall level in your clan decreases the level of your opposing clan. It will be an easy three star for the opposing clan, but it truly does bring down your overall clan rating, thus presenting you with an easier opposing clan.

Alright, so we are moving on to our final point. This one might just be one of the most important point yet, however, it can help you in a heartbeat!

#4- Finding a quick match-

The longer it takes you to find a clan war match, the more unpredictable the algorithm to find a match becomes. In general, if your clan war is taking a longer time to come together, you are going to find an insanely hard war or an insanely easy one. In my clan, we cancel after 20 minutes without finding a match. Unless you want to take the risk, you should find a fair match within 20 minutes.

New Clan War Search

Well, that all the tips I have on improving your clan matchmaking. Follow all these steps, and I guarantee that wars will become a whole lots easier! Make sure to check out OneHive if you want to see some great war raids and strategies! Peace out!

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