Best Strategies to Win 2x Star Bonus

The 2x star bonus will be coming into Clash of Clans tomorrow, so you guys are going to have to know the best strategies and army compositions for 3 starring in Clash of Clans right now. I’ll be going over what I think the 2x star challenge is along with helping you learn how to three star with various strategies!
Clash Royale 2x Star Bonus Strategies

What is the 2x Star Bonus

Nothing is official yet, so my thoughts are complete speculation. But the rumors going around say that the 2x star bonus will double the amount of stars you receive for your star bonus, thus providing a ton of loot if you two or three star multiple times.

Clash of Clans 2x Star Bonus

Of course, the star bonus does only occur once a day, so even if you do three star twice, that is the end of the event. However, I think that they will make the star bonus UNLIMITED over the event duration! That means that you should get the most three stars possible in order to pump out a ton of stars and fill up your treasury.

Best Strategies for 2x Star Bonus

Now obviously, the more stars you get the better! That means you need to be rocking a three star deck, or at the very least a two star deck. Here are some of the best two and three star decks in Clash of Clans right now with some videos explaining how to use these strategies!


Currently in Clash of Clans LavaLoonion is the go-to, most OP strategy. It can work at Town Hall 9-11, with three stars at any one of those THs. Here is Clash Bashing to give you a bit more strategy.


GoWiPe has been around since the beginning of Clash of Clans, but while it isn’t the dominant strategy it once was, GoWiPe can still get two stars starting at Town Hall 8. Here is Clash on Gan for more GoWiPe attack strategy.

Mass Hogs

Just like GoWipe, mass hogs has been popular at TH8 and TH9 for quite a while within Clash of Clans. It recently had a big comeback and it can definitely get you three stars if played correctly. Here’s OneHive Gazette with more.

Bowler Mixed Strategies

Unlike the last two strategies, the bowler has only recently come around as a viable strategy for Town Hall 10s and 11s. Mass bowlers is usually the move to make along with some healers. Clash with Ash can give you guys some more tips!

That does is for the 2x star bonus challenge that will be starting tomorrow! Farm up all the stars you can to get big rewards from your treasury. Good luck and clash on!

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5 thoughts on “Best Strategies to Win 2x Star Bonus

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  2. This is not really helping! The GoWiPe video is from 2014 (who does GoWiPe these days anyway?!) and the mass Hog is designed for Clan War attacks against Anti 3-Star bases with offset Town Hall.


    • The fundamentals of GoWiPe haven’t changed at all since 2014. Also, for hogs you need to be going for the three star; just ignore the offset Town Hall


      • Of course GoWiPe didn’t change, but it’s outdated so much (defenses changes a little bit since 2014, right?)
        Just use up to date videos and this is ok, I’m sure I’m not the only person that thought that…


      • Got it… I did look though and there wasn’t a lot of recent GoWiPe from some of the bigger YouTubers. Got the other 3 at least 😉


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