Clash of Clans June 2018 Update Approaching

Things are starting to heat up for the Clash of Clans June 2018 update, with a lot of speculation, as well as hints from the Clash of Clans team. There are rumors that the June update for CoC will include Town Hall 12, but I am doubtful that TH12 will be in the June update. Here’s everything we know about the June 2018 update so far.

Clash of Clans June 2018 Update

June Update Coming Soon

So far, the Clash of Clans team hasn’t said a WORD about what we can expect content wise in the June update. The only thing we do know regarding the next CoC update is that most likely it will be in June and that it will have some pretty big content.

We know for a fact it isn’t in May, and can assume that it isn’t going to be in July thanks to this response from Darian, a Supercell moderator on forums.
June 2018 Update Clash of Clans

Since they are in “full crunch mode”, we can assume that we will be seeing the new update within the next couple weeks. I’ll continue to keep you guys updated with any new June update news!

I’m really excited for what Clash of Clans brings in this summer update. Hopefully we see some awesome content that can help the game grow even more. Thanks for reading and comment below what you want to see in the June update!

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