Monthly Balance Changes Coming to Clash Royale

It appears as if Clash Royale is FINALLY getting serious about balancing updates, with them now bringing monthly balance changes to the game. This was announced today, with the first of these monthly balances coming on June 4th. Here’s everything Clash Royale said about this new balancing policy.

Clash Royale Monthly Balance Changes Updates

Clash Royale Monthly Balance Changes

Here’s the full statement that Clash Royale put out regarding monthly balancing updates.


We’d like to be more consistent and frequent with our balance updates, so that you can anticipate when changes will be coming and look forward to them!


On the first Monday of every month – to coincide with the beginning of each new League Season – we’ll be bringing you a fresh balance update!

In addition, whenever we have a full update (containing new content/features), we’ll also bring a balance update containing changes that we can’t implement with just a maintenance break.

This means our next balance update is coming on June 4th! Stay tuned for details later this week.

It’s really a great thing that we will be having more frequent balance changes. This will keep the game a lot more fresh and shake up the meta. It’s also great that every league season will be a bit different, making it feel like every month is a bit different.

So just wait until June 4th, when the new balance changes will be released. Check back soon to see exactly what changes will be coming to the cards in Clash Royale. Thanks for reading and comment below what you think about this huge change in Clash Royale!

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