How to XP Farm

Everyone wants more XP! Today, I’m going to tell you the best way to shoot up in XP as fast as you can. So there are 5 main ways to gain experience:

1. Donating troops

2. Finishing upgrades

3. Destroying a Town Hall

4. Completing achievements

5. Clearing obstacles

The easier way to go up in XP is by donations. One troops donated= one experience point. (One barbarian= 1 point, 1 giant= 5 points). Leave the clan you are in and join a Req N Leave clan. Players are constantly coming in and requesting. You want to donate the most troops in the least amount of training time. Que up your barracks with whatever troop you want to donate. The best troops to donate when you are XP farming are as follows:

-Barbarians (1 point every 20 seconds of Training Time)

-Minions (1 point every 22.5 seconds of TT)

-Giants (1 point every 24 seconds of TT)

-Archers (1 point every 25 seconds of TT)

-Goblins (1 point every 30 seconds of TT)

Within 10 minutes you will have already gained hundreds of XP points. Of course, to keep going up in XP you need to be building something constantly. Next, you need to be TH sniping. You get your XP points based on what TH it is. For example sniping a Town Hall 8 gets you 8 points. If you snipe 10 TH9s you will get 90 XP points. Completing achievements is hard, so we won’t focus on that. If you are close to one, try really hard to get it. That leaves us with clearing obstacles. When ever you see a tree or bush in your village, remove it right away. This will let you pick up a few more points.

Good luck with your XP farming! Remember, the easier way to donate is using barbs since they give you the most XP in the least training time. View the Road to XP 100:



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