How to Reach Champion with 240 Archers

Most people say the only way to make Champion is to use an advanced pushing strategy like GoWiWi, Balloonion, or Mass Drags. However, with the right base and the right amount of commitment, you can make Champion using only archers!

How to Raid-

Obviously in order to get to champion you need to know how to attack correctly. The best way to way to attack with all archers, is to pick off the outside buildings for 50%. There is little chance you will achieve a 2 or 3 star. If need be first, lightning spell a mortar to get it out of the way. Then you surround archers in a circle around the base, concentrating heavily on the side without a mortar. After that you should be around 50%. If you aren’t at 50%, don’t worry just read below.

Lightning Spelling a Mortar

ArcheringJust in Case-


There are going to be lots of time where you get between 40% and 48%. In these situations, its always best to have your King, Queen, reinforcement troops, and lightning spells trained in case you hit a hard spot. Say you are left at 43% but you notice a couple outside buildings left untouched. Just drop your King and Queen and watch as a loss becomes a one-star. If you need even more, use your CC troops and your spells.

Barb King + Reinforcement TroopsThe Best Base-

Now there are lots of bases that are easy to raid using barch, but they will be tough to find up in Master. Your criteria for raiding a base should be –> Centralized Infernos and X-Bows, Inlurable CC and Heroes, and mortars inside the base. This will be the easiest way to get a one-star by barch. Also, centralized wizard towers and an outside Town Hall make a 2-star possible.

Archer Base

Take a Snipe

Of course when you are trophy hunting in anyway, you should always take a Town Hall snipe if you see one. This will be less raids for you and an easy training time when you return. The best way to snipe is drop one archer to see if there are teslas and/or bombs. Then, if there are none, follow up with your heroes. That way you can get right back to raiding after the snipe.

TH SnipingTime and Effort-

The biggest part to pushing to Champion is patience. Understand that you will be searching up to 15 minutes to try and find a raid. Also you will definitely lose a raid, but don’t be discouraged. Just get right back at it and continue raiding to make up for those lost trophies. You will get there through diligence and hard work.

If you don’t want to use archers to get to champion, read here.


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