How to Create a Top 200 Clan

Most of us are in a clan, but we aren’t the leader and the clan isn’t even top 10,000. It is extremely hard to make a top 200 clans, but I’m here to tell you the best way to do it. Also to be a top 200 clan you personally need to be TH10 and at least master. Make sure to always complete a step before moving on the next step so you can succeed in the best way possible! It will take around 2 months so be patient.

Step One- Create your Clan: The biggest part in creating a clan is to make a unique name. Make sure not to name your clan “Clashers” or “Clash of Clans”. You need your clan to have a different name so people can find it through searching for it. My clan name is 2013 WS RIGGED! which as you can tell is extremely unique and there is no other clan name similar to it. Make sure it has a good and lengthy description as well.

Step Two- Start Recruiting: To be a top 200 clan, all your members should be at least master three, but in the beginning just recruit crystal+. Also make sure there are no TH8s in your clan. People might start to leave if they receive level 5 troops. You also want mature bases in your clan, so I would say XP 80+ would be a good place to start. So in review, at the beginning, recruit crystal three and up, TH9 and up, and XP 80 and up. Global is a convenient place to recruit, but Supercell forums works a lot better. Simply start a thread about your clan and people will start to join.

Step Three- Basics of a Clan: You must, must, MUST, be active if you have any hope in succeeding in reaching the top 200. Make sure to have clan wars weekly as well since this helps clan morale. Just like any clan, there must be trusted elders and co-leaders to maintain the clan when you are away. Donations are key to high level clans since most people need reinforcement troops in order to win their attacks. Donating witches, wizards, and other high level troops will help people stay in the clan.

Step Four- Mini-Push: At this point your clan should be around 40 members and hopefully at around 20k trophies. Now you want to have a mini-push, say to the top 1,000 clans, so that you can recruit more champions. Get your clan very involved and tell everyone to at least make crystal two. During this span of pushing, you need to recruit high level players since your clan will be the best it has ever been. This will help you later in your main push. Also, expect some people to leave after you are finished, this is normal.

Step Five- Set a Date and Farm: This part is very important. Your clan needs to know when they are pushing. If you start the push without tell anyone, chances are lots of people will leave since they want to keep farming. Tell your clan that there will be another push in a month and they are free to farm until then. Let people drop to gold to get some loot before you do your main push.

Step Six- Push!!!: This is it! Time to reach the top 200 clans. Make the push a while, between 1-2 weeks, so that your clan has more than enough time to reach your designated spot. Recruit only master one and champions during the push so that you can get maximum trophies for your 50 spots. Everyone should be master at least. Make sure to always donate and boost your clan’s morale during the push. If you have all masters and champions with a full 50 person clan this should be more than enough to make it into the top 200 clans. Your 2 month journey is now complete!

Top 3K for us

Top 3K for us

Sidenote: If you want your base reviewed, email with your username and clan name. Base reviews are on Wednesday.



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