New Supercell Game?

The Boom Beach excitement has more than died down which makes us thirsty for a new game. Supercell is always working on new games and new products. Clash of Clans is by far the most popular Supercell game. Boom Beach and Hay Day are about even in popularity. Since Clash is the most popular, I feel Supercell could be working on a new game similar to Clash with battles.

1) This game would be between Boom Beach and Clash with featured single-player battles and clans (or something of a similar name). It might be water-themed or something in space. Astronaut battles?

2) There is actually a lot of demand for Clash of Clans 2. However, I don’t think this will happen since it would be extremely hard to make different from Clash of Clans. Maybe Supercell would make completely different troops. “Dark” Clash of Clans is another option.

3) A city builder could be a great addition to Supercell. They have a farming game, Hay Day, so I think it would be similar to that only with modern buildings. There would be no battles just building up your city to the best and most grand you can make it!

Comment if you have another idea then those in the poll. Remember if you want a base review email with your username and clan name.


What do You Think?

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