The Best of the Best: TH8 Pushing Bases

This is the second installment of the Best of the Best series. I showed you the best TH8 Farming bases before, now I bring you the best TH8 pushing bases I could find.

Titan’s Fury-


-Triangular Mortars                                                                              -Hard to 3-Star Design

-Hard to Break Through Walls                                                        -Triangular Air Defense

-Well Placed Bombs/ Teslas                                                                -Centralized Barb King

Arrow of Doom-


-Centralized Clan Castle                                                        -Great Air Coverage

-Hard to Place WBs                                                                -Unprotected Loot

-Inlureable Barb King                                                       -Town Hall in the Middle

Trapped TH-


-Trapped TH                                                                                -Protected Loot

-Spread Out Base                                                         -Base is Entirely Covered

-Easy to Win Failed TH Snipes           -Clan Castle and Barb King are Lured Easily

Island Fiesta-


-Hard to Attack Middle                                                       -Inlureable Clan Castle

-Centralized Barb King                                                          -Well Placed Bombs

-Perfect Mortar Coverage                                                       -Hard to Place WBs

I hope you TH8s use one of these bases when pushing to crystal and beyond! I can’t wait to make some TH7 and TH9 Best of the Bests as well. If you want see Best of the Best: TH8 Farming Bases click here.

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