The Evolution of the Clan Castle

The Clan Castle can easily be considered the best defense in the game. I’m here to show you the level upgrades of the CC and how it changes. A clan castle holds not only troops, but also resources gained in war.

Clan Castle Ruin- Most likely, the only reason you have a unbuilt clan castle in your village is if you are XP 20 and below. It costs 40,000 gold to rebuild and a further 40K gold to start your own clan. Rebuild this as soon as possible since you get free troops from your clan mates.

Clan Castle Level One- This is what your clan castle looks like as soon as it gets rebuilt. Its pretty simple with stone walls, a wood roof, and two metal doors. This enables you to join a clan or make a clan. Your clan-mates can donate troops to you, and this clan castle holds 10 troops.

Clan Castle Level Two- You can upgrade your CC to level two as soon as you hit TH4. It costs 100,000 gold to upgrade, but you can hold an additional 5 troops to make a total of 15. When you upgrade, your clan castle gains a platform at the top of the castle.

Clan Castle Level Three- Now you can hold up to 20 troops in your castle. This means a dragon or 5 wizards. It costs 800K and you are able to upgrade it at Town Hall 6. At level 3, the castle becomes more supportive with wooden poles embedded in the sides.

Clan Castle Level Four- The Clan Castle Level Four looks stunning. It adds gold outline to the building and a ladder to the platform. Unfortunately, you can’t get it until TH8 and it costs 1.8m gold. However, on an upside, you are able to hold an extra 5 troops.

Clan Castle Level Five- The whole CC is completely redesigned, making it black instead of gray and brown. This matches TH9 extremely well. At level 5, the Clan Castle can hold 30 troops which equals a golem or a lava hound! It costs 5 million gold and is unlocked at Town Hall 9.

Clan Castle Level Six- The end of your journey! No longer are you able to upgrade your Clan Castle. This one is released at TH10 and costs an unprecedented 7m! However, it looks sweet! It is still jet black but with slices of gold on the sides. This Clan Castle holds 35 troops just one shy of being able to hold 3 witches.

I hope you guys enjoyed the Evolution of the Clan Castle. If you want to read more on clans, click here.

Clan Castle Level 7?


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