All-New Skeleton Trap!

In the latest update, Supercell released a brand-new trap called the skeleton trap! Contrary to popular belief, this trap is not a seasonal trap, but it is permanent. The skeleton trap works similar to a witch which (anyone?) spawns skeletons. However, the skeleton trap only spawns a set amount of skeletons. Below is the level trap combines with skeletons spawned.

Level 1: 2 skeletons

Level 2: 3 skeletons

Level 3: 4 skeletons

This trap is unlocked at Town Hall 8 with 2 available. You can get both of those to level 2. At TH9 you can upgrade them to level 3 and at Town Hall 10 you unlock a third skeleton trap.

How the Trap Works- This trap works just like any other trap- once the opponents troops get within the radius, the trap triggers. When the trap triggers, the number of skeletons that the trap holds burst out and, similar to reinforcement troops, start killing the attacking troops. The great thing about this trap is that you can set it to attack air units as well, so these traps work extremely well against balloonion. All in all, I would say this is probably the most important trap in the game.

I hope you enjoyed the post about skeleton traps. Keep checking back daily for new posts!

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