How to Recruit War Members

Even if you are a farming clan this post will still help you recruit good and active clan members. In my clan, there are three things we look for and there are three things we ask.

Things to Look For-

1. Town Hall Level: This is extremely important in war. The worst people that you can have in war are rushed Town Halls. Therefore, you need to make sure their base is mature and maxed out. We set the guidelines: XP 50+ for Town Hall 7s, XP 65+ for TH8s, XP 80+ for TH9s, and XP 95+ for TH10s. This insures that we have maxed bases in war so they aren’t beat easily.

2. Active or Not: Obviously, in clan wars you want extremely active people who attack a lot. Its easy to tell if someone is active; just check their gold mines. The way we do it is we base it off attacks won. If they have more than 10 attacks won, then that insures that they are active and will attack come war time.IMG_0314.JPG

3. War Stars: To be good at war, you need to be able to win stars. If someone has 20 or less stars won in war, you can assume that they aren’t the best. In my clan, our requirements are 50+ war stars won. This makes sure that the recruit knows how to attack and how to WIN!


Things to Ask-

1. Strategy Use: This is the most important thing in gaining war members. Ask them what strategy they use in war. If they say mass drags, hogs, GoWiWi, GoWiPe, or another strong strategy then they are good to go! However, if they reply, barch, giant-wizards, or another strange strategy, I would recommend kicking them out. You need players who know the basics of strategies.

2. War Castle Troops: Are you knowledgeable at war? You should ask what troops should be donated to war castles to find out this question. Great answers are: wizards, dragons, and witches. Definitely keep if they answer these. Barbarians, minions, archers, and PEKKAs are debatable answers, so decide among the clan. Anything else and it should be an automatic kick.

3. Numero Uno: The first thing you should do in a clan war attack is lure the clan castle. For some strategies (mass drag) you don’t have to, but all war players should know, for the most part, that luring the CC is the MOST important and first thing you should do during a war attack.

If a player fits all the “Look For” requirements and all the “Ask” requirements, you have got yourself an expert war player! If they have 4 or 5 out of the 6 then consider keeping them. If they only hit 3 or below, don’t keep this recruit. I wish you all the best of luck in war!

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