How to be a Great Clan Member

Finding, staying, and being a superb clan member is a huge part of the game. Clans are where you can chat and discuss the game, receive troops, and participate in war. Obviously, you want to be good and loyal clan member, so you can have these privileges. This means a couple of guidelines to get the most out of a clan experience.

1) Donate before you receive- One of the easiest way you can be kicked out of a clan when you are new is donation ratio. A ratio is how many troops you have donated versus how many you have received. A marvelous ratio for a newcomer would be 2:1, or for example, 200 troops donated to 100 troops received. Doing this allows for the clan leader and co-leaders to see that you are eager to help out. Always make sure to donate troops before you ask for them!IMG_0484.JPG

2) Be supportive and don’t get angry- Ego is a lot in this game, believe it or not. Better players will get mad if you insult them. For example, take a war attack. If one of the top people in your clan fails an attack, don’t disrespect them. Instead, tell them better luck next time. Also, if you lose a raid, don’t start cussing in all CAPS. Many players can get annoyed by this easily. Alternatively, turn off the game for a while, then come back when you are calmed down.IMG_0481.PNG

3) Reasonable requests- This doesn’t mean for troops only. Granted, don’t join a clan and request “PEKKA only!” Make your troop requests easy to meet such as “Archers and Barbarians” As you become an older member, you can change it to more difficult troops to give like wizards and minions. Also don’t make ridiculous position requests like “Can I be an elder”. Rather than straight up asking, inquire about what it takes to be an elder. Asking to be promoted is one of the fastest way you can be kicked.


4) Active, active, active- Just like in any game, you have got to be an active member. Get on at least one a day and say “Hi” in the clan chat. If another member is on strike up a conversation about what they are upgrading or information about him/her. Definitely have a league; for if not, you could be kicked without a second glance, since that usually means you are inactive.


Follow these guidelines and you will become one of the greatest clan members of all-time. Also use your instincts. If you don’t think you should do this, you probably shouldn’t. If you want to join my clan, my clantag is: #GCQLOUY. Clash on!

4 thoughts on “How to be a Great Clan Member

  1. Hey,would you like to join?


    We started just a week ago and we have 20 members.Anyone active can join and earn elder and co by donating.Though Indians we have no hesitation for foreigners.Reply for doubts


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