How to Get a Christmas Tree in Clash of Clans

O, Christmas Tree, O, Christmas Tree…. how can I get one of these? The answer is pretty simple, but first lets talk about what a Christmas Tree is.

A Christmas Tree is a regional “present” sent out be Supercell to celebrate Christmas and the holidays. One will eventually spawn on your base. But wait, don’t remove it quite yet. Every so often, a Christmas Tree will give you a present, which when tapped will grant you 5,000 elixir. The tree costs 25,000 gold to remove, but will in turn reward you with 75,000 gold. Still, keep it for a while, so you can get some elixir rewards!


Most people really want a Christmas tree, and fast! The easiest way to get one is to design a base similar to the one below.


Now, this base isn’t a great trophy hunting or farming base, but it will spawn a Christmas tree fast! This is because the tree will HAVE to spawn on the outside of your village. Make sure there isn’t any open spots that enables a tree to appear in the middle of your base. If you want a Christmas tree in the middle however, just box in a big section with walls, and make sure obstacles can’t spawn anywhere else.

Hopefully, after making these changes a Christmas tree will spawn in your village shortly. Best of luck and make sure not to remove it!

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